Art as Magic

Oil Paintings & Custom Portraits

I love to paint the human form, defined by the touch of light & shadow. I focus on bringing alive, in myself and in you, the natural state of being we long for:  relaxation, strength, trust, connection, and freedom.
For me, a successful painting releases the fragrance of the sacred and the sensual into the space where it hangs.  It mirrors the beauty and power that is you.
I invite you to choose a painting that expresses who you really are, and use it as a tool to call your dreams into reality daily.

Mermaids, Wild Women, Wise Warriors

My subjects are both real people and timeless mythical archetypes.

 With brilliant tropical colors, I paint a hula dancer as a priestess greeting the sunrise, a female canoe paddler as Hotumatua the first Polynesian navigator, my own daughters as mermaids, a couple relaxing on the beach as the gods whose lovemaking created the world.