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Welcome to my gallery. I’m a classical figure painter with bold impressionist color and brushstroke.

I paint the human form defined by the touch of light and shadow, embodying the soul in its natural state of being: relaxation, strength, belonging, and freedom. 

Each mundane moment is a sacred moment.  My subjects are both real people and timeless archetypes.  I paint a hula dancer as a priestess greeting the sunrise, a female canoe paddler as Hotumatua the first Polynesian navigator, my daughters as mermaids, or a couple napping on the beach as the gods whose lovemaking created the world.

isa Maria


new works


The Hawaiian goddess of fire is called

Pele Honuamea:  She who shapes the sacred land.

Ka Wahine ai Honua:  the Woman who devours the earth.

Pele: bringer of death, giver of life.  She is the unstoppable rapture of Nature and the wild soul of you and me.  Feeling everything and fearing nothing, she doesn’t hold back, and cannot be controlled or contained. 

Pele does not aim to please.  She is expressive, not nurturing. She can wait a hundred years, or erupt right now.  Unpredictable, messy, passionate, and emotional, Pele rages and  revels. In her wake the new, living, fertile earth is born.